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The Wild
Babe in the Woods

Name... Belladonna Clarke
Alias... Wild
Age... 23
Gender... Cis female
Archetype... Corruptor
Super Group... The Marvels
Orientation... Kinsey 2
Marital... Dating Season
Origin... Mutation
Nationality... American
Occupation... Botanist
Alignment... Neutral Good

This page is a WIP

Belladonna is a quick-witted woman with a penchant for instantly being distracted by any plants in her general vicinity. Though she isn't quick to anger, the easiest way to get a rise out of her is the abuse and mistreatment of flora and disregard for the sanctity of nature. She prefers to be in the realm of plants and the wild rather than the city but can do either. Withdrawn at times and prone to getting lost in thought while tending to random plants, she can be as focused as any other person if a task requires her to be, but doesn't see the point in wasting energy on things that don't need her.

Even before her mutation hit, she spent most of her time in the greenhouse at her high school and tended to plants (talking to and nurturing them) before they could respond to her in kind; the full extent of her mutation is unknown, but includes chlorokinesis and the production of a hydrating substance that mostly nourishes plants. She's learned over time to manipulate plant-life into tending to those around her and protecting them, going so far as to sew-up wounds with vines and apply that same substance in a medical way.

Though her story is still unfolding, joining the The Marvels has been instrumental in her developing her powers further and coming to terms with who she is and what she is fully capable of.

Scars & Markings: --- Fairly unmarred, but she has what looks like vine patterns beneath the skin around her hips and stomach.

Voice: --- Fairly soft spoken; gets more cheerful around wildlife, plants, and (certain) people.

Clothing: --- Bella only wears sustainable clothing that is produced ethically with clear documentation of how it was made; she won't wear leather or natural furs but uses plant-based synthetics to replace those; she leans more towards things that are easy to wear and doesn't mind if they get smudged with soil.


  • Plants
  • Nature
  • Conservation and environmental protection


  • Waste
  • Rude people
  • Extremely cold weather



  • Favorite Food: Sashimi
  • Favorite Drink: Sprite with cherry syrup
  • Favorite Color: Auburn

RP Hooks

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