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Electric Blast
Martial Combat
Super Speed
Player: @Johua
Real Name
Adam Davis
Rhode Island
US Citizen
King's Row
Full-time hero.
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Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Powers & Abilities
Electric Blast
Martial Combat
Epic Pool
Mace Mastery
Power Pools
Super Speed, Leaping, Fighting, Leadership.
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Super Speed
Work in Progress

Before he got his powers, Warpcore was simply known as Adam Davis, a theoretical physicist in the employ of Carrigan International, a now-defunct tech conglomerate spearheaded by Joseph Carrigan. After Joseph's disappearance, the company was left in disarray and those who were left in charge tried to right the ship as best they could.

The company made several Hail Mary efforts to restore investor confidence, among them an experimental fusion reactor; a passion project of Joseph's, who saw the aging Terra Volta as a problem. Unfortunately, the project was in very early development, leaving the company with little more than notes, formulas and some very early research.

They pressed on.

The test run went smoothly at first. For almost half an hour, the reactor sustained a stable fusion reaction. At the thirty minute mark, an anomaly occurred inside of the reactor's containment field. A tear in the dimensional barrier caused all manner of strange and exotic energy and matter to spew into the containment field, destabilizing the fusion reaction and causing the reactor to go critical.

Mere nanoseconds into the event, a curious extra-dimensional entity was able to reach into physical reality and make contact with Adam, who was desperately trying to initialize the reactor's manual shutdown. This brief contact hurled Adam backwards, far enough that he wasn't vaporized in the explosion.

Almost everyone in attendance was vaporized, and those lucky enough to survive the initial explosion died soon afterward, all except for one individual: Adam.

He was found by first responders, alive but in critical condition. He had suffered three degree burns across most of his body, and more resembled a charred corpse than a living person. Doctors didn't think that he would survive the night, but they were somehow able to stabilize him.

Shortly thereafter, Adam began to vibrate at such a frequency and with such force that it threatened to bring the hospital down around him. Doctors were forced to suspend him in midair using a device donated by the now-disgraced Carrigan International, allowing them to care for him safely.

Over the course of the two years that Adam was in a coma, his body began to miraculously recover. His organs healed, his skin regenerated, and over the course of several months he began to resemble a living human being again. But he wasn't just healing... he was changing, or rather, he was being changed, as the entity repurposed his heart and drastically improved the efficiency of most of his bodily functions.

When Adam finally woke from his coma, he had abs. And he was also extremely hungry.


After waking from his coma, Adam took some time to get his life in order. He didn't know about his powers right away, and discovered them by accident after missing a bus. A few weeks of experimentation and ruined shoes later, Adam began to consider using his new powers to become a hero.

Current Events

Warpcore is an active member of Battle Ready Organization.

Powers, Abilities & Equipment

Warpcore derives his powers from an extra-dimensional entity that he refers to as Mobius. Warpcore is connected to the entity via his heart, which has been modified to serve as a transfer and distribution device, drawing and distributing the entity's power throughout his body.

By using this energy, Warpcore is capable of running at incredible speeds. His current maximum is unknown, but Warpcore claims to be able to move faster than the speed of light.

Warpcore perceives reality at a much faster rate than an ordinary person, proportionate to the speed at which he is moving. Warpcore is capable of controlling this to a certain extent, which allows him to slow down and interact with non-speedsters, without thinking that everyone around him is stuck in super slow-mo.

Warpcore is capable of bending the laws of physics through use of super speed, and though he has yet to try it, he is capable of running forward and backward through time.

Warpcore primarily relies on his speed in combat. His years of experience as a superhero have taught him how to throw a proper punch, but he has no formal combat training and is not an especially competent fighter.

Warpcore is capable of flinging his energy at enemies. This energy visually resembles electricity, but contact with it does not cause electrocution. Contact with the energy causes an individual's metabolic system to go into overdrive, rapidly burning through calories and exhausting those effected by it. Warpcore takes great care to limit the strength of these blasts, only ever releasing enough energy to exhaust or render someone unconscious.

Warpcore's equipment consists of his costume, which is made of a durable, friction-resistant, heat-resistant & non-flammable material, elbow & knee pads made of a durable, light-weight composite, and boots made of a light-weight material intended to withstand the rigors of super speed. His costume also includes a set of high-tech goggles, providing him with necessary information & comm functions.



  • Gamecrash/Jane - Adam and Jane have been together for a couple of years now, and their relationship is still going strong. Maybe they'll get another cat.