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Work in Progress
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· Mutant Dominato ·
Gravity Control
Energy Assault
Player: @Snugglebunny
Real Name
Calista Dahl
January 13th, 1989
Trinidad and Tobago
St. Martial, Etoile Islands
Contracted Pilot
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Ana Dahl (Mother, estranged)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
5' 8"
· Distinguishing Features ·
full back corset piercing
Powers & Abilities
Gravitational manipulation
energy flux
· Equipment ·
personal aircraft
· Other Abilities ·
mad piloting skills

There is no denying that Calista Dahl is a mutant. Her looks alone would make anyone draw such an assumption. Outside of that, the woman has a tendency to act as a walking gravitational field.

Speaking with a faint Trinidad accent, the Caribbean woman has been around the Isles for over ten years, lending her particular brand of trouble wherever it is welcome.

The Girl Awakens

It was thought, initially, that the only odd thing about the girl was a bit of a distinct ashen appearance to her skin. Where her mother was a rich, beautiful dark color, the child was anything but. Ana was a good Christian lady and the only reason she was raising the child alone was because her husband had died in an accident half-way through the pregnancy. There was no question of the child's condition being anything other at the time.

Why would they have? Ana and Tristan were godly. They had been devoted to each other for as long as anyone could remember. She wouldn't have strayed from their marriage bed, so the girl's appearance wasn't from outside DNA. No, it was simply an anomaly. Something, perhaps, akin to albinism. Keep an eye on it, the doctor had said.

Keep an eye she did. At two, the ashen appearance took a turn for the bizarre. The grey undertones began to look a bit more green. By five, there was no denying the child was green. No one was quite sure what to do with it. There was nothing else amiss. She was happy. Bright. Perhaps a wee bit precocious. After several tests and a good eye on her growth patterns, it was decided she had a minor mutation in her skin tone and she would be fine.

At seven, bizarre became wildly divergent. As her body continued to change, the tone of her hair adjusted. It wasn't noticeable at first, but by the time her eighth birthday rolled around, a look back at her pictures revealed that the hair had begun to change in color gradually over the course of 8 months from obsidian black to a vivid ruby red.

The confusion continued, but as nothing else was amiss, they let her continue... with a wary eye on her development.

The concern proved to be well founded as puberty hit. Though it had seemed to be unnecessary over the years between, when she turned 13, things burst out into a veritable carnival of change and drama. Eyes that had been a deep brown quickly paled, losing 98% of the distinction between iris, pupil and sclera to seem largely blank slates. Not long after the color left her eyes, she adjusted to her new vision and began to display signs of odd, unnatural cause and effect.

With the wrong teasing, a boy at school found himself flung into the air and across the school yard. The girl stared after him, her head slowly tilting to one side, lips curling with a small smile. It was going to be the first of many incidents.

Calista Hanifa Dahl was a mutant.

Dangerous Interests

Despite Ana's best attempts to keep herself and her daughter on a regular schedule of church activities, Calista despised the building.

It was too closed off, too boring, and the minister contradicted himself all the time. She had already decided at the age of 10 that she didn't believe, and being drug by her mother only caused her to grow increasingly frustrated with the church as a whole and her mother, in part.

Calista's interests shifted rapidly away from the Holy Trinity and toward pursuits of other kinds. She wanted to learn as much as she could, to learn to fly, to travel. To make lots of money.

And it was not something she was going to accomplish in Trinidad and Tobago. Not as far as she wanted to go. Applying herself to her studies, she earned high marks in school and finished as quickly as possible, moving on to earn her aviation license at nearby UTT.

(( wip ))

Making a Living of It

blah blah blah leaving. Freelancing. The Iris Group.

Abilities and Whatnot

Ista's mutation enables her to manipulate gravity in the area around her. Immediately around her, she can develop a passive pull of roughly three feet in diameter. Though she often suppresses it, if she isn't careful, it can get quickly out of hand. If, on the other hand, she is being a bit more aggressive with her abilities, Ista can crush a helicopter with her powers. Don't ask. It was a really bad week.

Further, thanks to the way her eyes are formed, she is able to visualize different types of energy spectrums. While this cuts down on some of the colors she can see (and explains her choice in wardrobe, to an extent), it allows her to see things that others may not. She uses this to help flux a bit of energy around her gravitational shenanigans and cause more damage.

She is a badass pilot.

Around all that, she's human. Susceptible to all things normal humans are, if you can get close enough to sneeze on her or break her legs.

Notes of Interest
  • Ista lives in what initially appears to be a rundown two story building in Nerva. It's actually not. With rebar all throughout, to give it additional structural integrity, she has spent a good deal of her personal profit to make it an actual home. It's decorated mostly in white, with bursts of yellow, reds and black - and lots of Caribbean art all around.
  • Currently, she has a total of 12 piercings on her back, in the form of corset lacings which are typically filled with red or black ribbon that ties in a bow at the small of her back. She also has her ears pierced a total of 7 times, her belly button and her nose.
  • Ista loathes pizza. Unless it is pineapple and bacon.
Circles of Influence
  • There's no one currently. WIP WAP.