The Third Man

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Traveler of Time and Space.
The Third Man
Player: @Third
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Server: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Jharen Vastius
Known Aliases: Third, Hey-You-Have-To-Pay-For-That
Species: Auriot
Age: Roughly 300 years, appears to be a mid 30s human
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 218 lbs
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Red, white, black, brown depending on current phase
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Occupation: On call for dimensional patrols
Place of Birth: Maurin Dohn (Planet in Dimension 080891XC)
Base of Operations: Currently Paragon, Formerly Maurin Sevista.
Marital Status: No
Known Relatives: Yes
Known Powers
Advanced rapid regeneration
Known Abilities
Phase shifting, time/dimensional travel (via his sword, Varial), teleportation
Varial (Auriot Katana) - capable of splitting threads in time and space

The Third Man was not always known as such. He was once warrior in the grand city of Maurin Sevista on a planet not far from his dimension's instance of our Earth. The man known as Jharen Vastius had been in training under the Auriots, a council of powerful beings that protected their world (and others when need be.) Those chosen as candidates by the Council of Auriots would undergo dangerous trials. Those who emerged victorious were known as "Conduits" for they would willingly accept the gifts of The Aurion - a source of life and energy in their world. Becoming a conduit came with a price however. Those who chose to become an Auriot would be reborn as a new person altogether, forgetting their past self and only knowing one thing: to protect and keep safe this world.

Jharen Vastius had been chosen to replace the Third member of the council, inheriting the title "The Third Man" upon his rebirth. He did not elect to take a new given name as he chose to embrace this new self wholly and unconditionally. He would be gifted with the Auriot blade known as "Varial" - a powerful weapon capable of cutting portals in time and space. Third would be placed in charge of Maurin's defense forces across his dimension.

The effort of Earth's own 'heroes' along with Maurin Dohn's Auriots seemed to ensure universal peace, but such things are never that easy. An eldritch abomination known as "Oh-ji-den" had infiltrated and begun killing off Auriots one by one, absorbing their source of life and energy along the way. By the time Third and others could attempt to make a stand, it had already become too powerful. As the cosmic horror began to eat away at reality itself, Third and a handful of others fled to our dimension. Finding refuge in this Paragon Third vowed to never let it happen again.

Third would travel through time and space, but often came back to this instance of Paragon as it had become his second home after the destruction of Dimension 080891XC. When Oh-ji-den finally followed traces of Third to this world he undertook his gravest mission yet. With the help of heroes from this world he was able to banish Oh-ji-den to the ends of time where it could only starve without any energy to consume.

Since then Third has become more relaxed, patrolling less these days and leaving hero work to the younger generations in Paragon. After all, 280 years of service is a hell of a record.