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The Dazzling
Player: @oreso
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Server: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Cpt. Rosalie Bouchard MMV MB
Known Aliases: Rose, Captain Bouchard, The Dazzling Do-Gooder
Species: Human
Age: 29
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 11st 8lb
Eye Color: Glowing orange
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Hero, Officer in the Canadian Forces Land Force Command
Place of Birth: Greenwood, British Columbia, Canada
Base of Operations: Founders Falls, Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Daughter, mother, father, older sister, three older brothers
Known Powers
Soft tissues infused with nuclear energy, which reacts explosively to impacts
Known Abilities
Military tactics and training. psychic conditioning
Specialised goggles and tough heat-displacing uniform
Everything above is public knowledge



Starjet is one of the Nuclear 90; 90 children from around the world all born in one year with an unusual mutation that gives them natural magnetic nuclear fusion reactors for hearts, and the ability to channel energy from their internal reactor for a variety of super powers.

Like many of the Nuclear 90, Starjet has decided to use her powers for the betterment of humanity as a hero. Her power is focused internally, reacting to blows either given or received with explosive force.


Recognised at birth as one of the Nuclear 90, Rosalie Bouchard was raised to be respectful, polite and mindful of her powers. At sixteen, she enrolled into a special military training programme organised by the Canadian government. This included some physical and mental conditioning.

When she isn't trying to save Paragon, she likes to be called 'Rose' and enjoys reading romantic novels and hiking through the wilderness. When she is with company, she loves restaurants, polite conversation and Southern Comfort and lemonade.


She doesn't say it out-loud very often, but this pledge was instilled in her from an early age, and she tries to follow it with every action.

I promise to do all that I can to understand, help and protect all the different people of the world.

Old publicity shot


Starjet's nuclear heart suffuses her soft tissues with nuclear energy making them very strong and resilient. Any impact releases bursts of this stored energy.

These bursts of energy cushion the force from strikes against her in a similar manner to reactive armour on a vehicle; most attacks are blown away upon contact by the explosion before they can penetrate or cause serious harm.

These bursts also add explosive force to her own blows. Energy will explode from her hand with each punch into whatever she is hitting.

Her eyes constantly emit light, and with effort she can focus this with her eye's lenses to turn it into a coherent eye beam capable of melting even hardened alloys.

She is capable of super-sonic flight by concentrating her ambient energy emissions. Combined with her toughened physiology and less reliance on oxygen, she can survive in space for a limited period before becoming exhausted.

With enough focus, she can build her ambient energy to critical levels until it explodes out, creating a shockwave in all directions.

She is resistant to most terrestrial diseases since she can enter a virus-killing high fever just by tensing for a while.


Starjet has gone through army basic training and some advanced courses designed to take advantage of her abilities and prepare her to become a hero. She has also earned her officer's commission as part of a programme designed by the Royal Military College of Canada, with an emphasis on leadership and unit management.

As part of her specialised training, her mind has been psychically conditioned to be resistant to brute-force psychic attacks. Although more subtle or very powerful techniques might well be effective.


Impacts and muscular stress cause Starjet to generate heat. She can eventually fall unconscious from heat exhaustion. Regular armour would be impractically hot, but her costume is designed to radiate heat away.

Her body, especially her eyes, also generate light. This makes most camouflage or disguise fairly impractical.

If she is unable to tense or stress her muscles then the nuclear energy within them does not build up to a significant degree. A muscle relaxant tailored to her physiology will render her powerless. As will any form of aggressive energy absorption; including Malta sapper technology.

She's dutiful. Although she isn't an automaton, she can be manipulated to act against her own best interests by someone who appears to have authority.

Although she needs less food and oxygen to survive, she will start to weaken and will eventually die if she does not ingest nuclear material at least once a month or so.

Charity calendar, June 2012


• A few pairs of goggles and glasses with lenses designed to absorb the energy emissions from her eyes. One pair have a heads-up display slaved to her computer.

• A few superhero uniforms designed for heat loss and resistance to tearing, but not protection.

• A collapsible touch-screen datapad.

• A star-shaped brooch radio.


Starjet officially works for the Canadian Forces Land Force Command, but she is on an indefinite assignment to Paragon City and has been given a broad remit to work as hero.

She currently works as part of the international supergroup, Northern Star.

She has a young child, Sophie Bouchard.