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"Sometimes you jus' gotta do somethin', y'know?"
Player: @Hybrid Vagrant
Real Name
Blue, SP
Presumed Paragon City
Paragon City, Rhode Island
Marital Status
Physical Traits
Genetic Experiment
Apparent Age
59 lbs.
Body Type
Solid Black
· Distinguishing Features ·
Luminescent Skin
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Ever-Evolving Biology
· Equipment ·
Various cleaning products
((Massive work in progress, subject to radical changes))


Not much is known about Sewerpunk. She was initially found in the sewer tunnels underneath Brickstown by a local Paragon City sanitation crew. Unfortunately, this is also where she got her moniker, as one of the workers shouted 'What are you doin' in the sewer, punk?' and the creature has answered to it ever since. After the crew realized the creature wasn't hostile or harmful and was, in fact, humanoid they managed to convince her to come with them and brought her back to the FBSA building Atlas Park. There she was monitored and studied by the individuals of S.E.R.A.P.H., determining her age, abilities, and mental state.

When asked about her past or who she was Sewerpunk was never able to put together a cohesive recollection. All she had were pieces and fragments, floating in a strange liquid behind glass, men talking about genes and survivability rates, and then the last thing she remembers before getting very very tired was a man telling others to begin the second cycle. After that it became very dark and she only has brief memories of floating along in the water before waking up in the sewers beneath the city very hungry.

Given her recounting the members of S.E.R.A.P.H. believe it is safe to assume that Sewerpunk was a rejected or initial phase in some form of human experimentation that seems to plague the metahuman capital of the United States. Likely an attempt to engineer some form of human that could withstand extreme climates or environments with minimal repercussions. One of the staff theorizes that Sewerpunk wasn't meant to survive her discarding, likely having been administered a lethal dose of some chemical meant to euthanize her, but her creators underestimate the success of their engineering and that her abilities were able to keep her alive while she drifted along in a semi comatose state.


Sewerpunk's personality is what one could call "in-development". The scientist at S.E.R.A.P.H. are unsure just how long she spent by herself in the sewers under the city but it is clear that she received no social interaction while down there. When they first brought her to the FBSA building they thought her mute or perhaps lacking in the mental capacity for speech but after some time she began repeating the words she overheard, if somewhat brokenly, and they begin to teach her basic English.

What they have observed so far is that she is very curious but reserved around strangers. Often when new researchers are introduced she will retreat to the other end of the room and quietly observe them for some time until she becomes comfortable enough to approach. With the more regular S.E.R.A.P.H. staff she has been seen mimicking their behaviors and personalities to some extent. Perhaps as a method to find or develop her own.


Sewerpunk stands roughly 48 inches at full height with a build more on the lean side but clearly comprised of muscle. Her skin is a mix of shades of blue and purple, stripped and spotted, with bioluminescent patches. Her hands and feet are webbed and her digits end in sharp and hard nails, as well as possessing a tail and long frog-like tongue. Her hair is a shade of mauve, similar to her body coloring, and her eyes are solid black with very faint grey rings denoting pupils. As far as clothing goes she tends to show a healthy disdain for footwear, preferring to remain barefoot whenever possible. When asked why she claimed that not being able to feel the ground beneath her feet upset her and made her feel as if she was smothering. the scientist at FBSA believe this is due to her ability to breathe through her skin and excess clothing causes her to feel "short of breath" as it were. They assume this is also why she prefers loose fitting clothing or articles that leave skin exposed. Thankfully even though her chest is bare she lacks anything that would be considered obscene or past decency.


Sewerpunk possesses what the scientist at S.E.R.A.P.H. have referred to as an extreme case of Ever-Evolving Biology. In essence her body is constantly evolving or adapting its physiology to suit her environment. They theorize that despite her creators attempts to "flush" her, as others have put it, this is why she was able to survive. They are unsure if her unusual appearance is a result of said power or if it was her original form from the experiment that created her.

Currently known and displayed aspects are as follows but S.E.R.A.P.H. have noted that with her unique power it is possible that others may develop or current ones may atrophy based on her enviroment:

BioOrganicArmor HardenedSkin.png 'Amphibious'
  • "Croak?" - Sewerpunk upon being taught what a frog was.

Sewerpunk has become completely amphibious allowing her to breathe through her skin and survive even when completely submerged as long as the liquid contains some amount of oxygen. As a side-effect of this her skin also acts as a filtering system, permitting her to survive in what would typically be toxic environments to others, whether they be liquid or gaseous in form.

BioOrganicArmor Adaptation.png 'Reactive Digestion'
  • "Me eat almost anything. The lemon flavor taste best." - Sewerpunk in response to being found raiding the janitor's cart at the FBSA building.

Much like some breeds of frog and reptile Sewerpunk's body has adapted to what would otherwise be a harmful or fatal diet. She is capable of ingesting otherwise harmful substances with no ill effects. Her body's digestive system instead breaks down the substances into poison and toxins that Sewerpunk can then later secrete through her skin or potentially expel from her throat.

BioOrganicArmor Inexhaustible.png 'Regeneration'
  • "Me only hurt for little while." Sewerpunk reassuring a scientist after having to take a large tissue sample.

Small scale tests have shown that like many reptiles Sewerpunk is capable of healing from severe wounds in a much shorter time than your average human and is capable of regrowing lost limbs or organs.

BioOrganicArmor Hide.png 'Active Camouflage'
  • "You do not see me." - Sewerpunk when avoiding another round of testing.

One of the more mundane but still complex aspects of Sewerpunk's metahuman abilities is the simple feat of altering her skin pigmentation and coloration to blend in with her surroundings, helping her to fade into the background and go unnoticed.