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"Potts is good at her job, but don't think for one second that she deserves any praise for her work. She's just cannon fodder that CAN get the job done." - Arbiter Diaz
Operative Potts
Player: @Hellion
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Arachnos Soldier
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Priscilla Evelyn Potts
Known Aliases: Potts, Operative, Try-hard, Surprisingly Elite Cannon Fodder, Spider, Narcoleptic Soldier, The sleeping spider.
Species: Human
Age: 35 (January 12,1985)
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 148lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Rogue Isles Born
Occupation: Arachnos Wolf Spider
Place of Birth: Port Oakes, Rogue Isles
Base of Operations: Mercy Island, Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Leon Potts(Father), Marie Potts(Mother), Christopher Potts(Younger brother)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Well trained field Operative, expert marksman, peak physical condition, master level gymnastics, unusually flexible joints, military operation knowledge, tactical combat experience.
Modified Wolf Spider Armor, Modified Arachnos blaster, Standard issue venom grenades, Modified frag grenades, Cloaking Device, Tactical Operations Mace, Arachnos Radio Communications, Grappling hook
"If you're wasting my time, you're asking me to put a bullet in your head." ~ Operative Priscilla Potts


I originally created Priscilla Potts in Champions Online as a secretary werewolf. She had been through quite a few adventures and has participated in battles to save the universe from peril. Despite this, she is otherwise an ordinary civilian who likes chick flicks. She also enjoys apple martinis.

The Live Server incarnation of Priscilla was far different. Though she still enjoyed apple martinis, her personality deviates from the traditional feminine woman of the new millennium. Instead, she was a quirky super hero sidekick with a love for her pipe wrench. She was originally intended to be an ordinary civilian, but due to character development and role play situations, she was soon developed into the person she is now. She was very obsessed with comic books, super heroes, and her pipe wrench.

This new iteration of the character started off as a hard retcon. This version of Potts was re-imagined as a ruthless low ranking minion who could actually pose a threat to heroes. Instead of the old quirky comic book fangirl, a deadly and efficient combatant took form. She formed into the Surprisingly Elite Cannon Fodder trope. Because I treated the Everlasting Server as an entirely different universe, I decided to change my characters in various ways. But overtime, I realized it would be a better idea to play with the idea of the Everlasting server being an alternate timeline instead of an entirely different universe. Which led to me playing with the angle of Potts on that server being the what if scenario.

Bullet Points


  • Priscilla has undergone extensive training and mental conditioning, very skilled in both long range and close quarters combat.
  • She is fluent in English, Korean, Russian, and Arabic.
  • She has broken the controlling aspects of that mental conditioning, but remains adept at resisting psychic intrusion.
  • She has a severe caffeine addiction and is well informed on the subject of coffee. Her favorite blend is MoonPenny Dark Roast.
  • She often falls asleep in places where threats aren't immediate. Examples include Pocket D and Oasis
  • She has never owned a pet.
  • She holds no real prejudice against anyone. Even if she's killing that person, it's nothing personal.
  • Her psychological profile states that she has Antisocial Personality Disorder. Traits that appear to be lack of empathy are actually a coping mechanism for PTSD
  • Her entire life path is an unintended consequence temporal interference. Someone changed something in the past, which altered history. Due to the changes in the timeline, things happened in different ways.
  • She tends to show very little fear and assigns little emotional attachment to most things. However, she openly hates working for Arachnos.
  • Her brother, Chris, is currently training to join Arachnos
  • Her father, Leon Potts, works for the Cage Consortium
  • Her mother suffers from an illness that is destroying the nervous system and neural pathways. Priscilla's biggest motivation for working for Arachnos is to ensure her mother's treatment. Despite her mother's treatments being her main motivation for working under Arachnos, any clearance to this information is restricted to Arbiters Diaz and Rain, Ghost Widow, Scirocco, or the small medical team who treat Marie Potts. Not even her immediate family know the details.
  • Despite Operative Potts being very different from her original timeline counterpart in most ways, she does have a few personality traits left over despite the temporal changes. Both versions own video game and comic book collections. Both enjoy appletinis. And both secretly have some level of proficiency with musical instruments.
  • Though Praetorian Priscilla's memories are intact and mostly unaffected, the new timeline treats the Praetorian counterpart with hostility because her actions within Primal Earth have been completely forgotten and erased. Doesn't help that her Primal counterpart has been warped from an adorkable sidekick to a brutally efficient minion for Lord Recluse.
  • Operative Potts has been known by some as a brutal soldier with no capacity for mercy, while others seem to spot the odd times she spares a hero's life.


  • Operative Potts is occasionally subject to visions of Priscilla Pipewrench's heroic deeds. This is essentially because those memories she sees a glimpse of were once her own. Though she immediately forgets the visions, her personality deviates in a more heroic way temporarily. This has resulted in her sometimes sparing the lives of heroes she would normally kill with little regard. I.e. Her core personality remains, but she feels strongly compelled to act in ways that she would in the old timeline.
  • Operative Potts tends to modify her gear because of a past traumatic incident with a villain using pyrokinesis. The tip of her bayonet is hollowed out and contains a cryogenic fluid that often freezes when it exits the bayonet. She has used this to inject the liquid into some of her victims, causing them to freeze solid once it enters their wounds.
  • Her favorite song is Red Fraction by Mell

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Alternate Universe Counterparts

  • Priscilla/Miss Pipe Wrench(Primal Earth/Virtueverse)[Old Timeline]

In the previous timeline, Priscilla never joined Arachnos, nor did she receive military training. Her family moved to Paragon City from Detroit. She started her career as a political activist, but became obsessed with Belle Barium. The latter would take her on as a sidekick and the two would often fight crime together. Priscilla earned the nickname Priscilla Pipewrench because she relied on a pipe wrench to combat criminals.

  • Officer Potts (Praetoria[Upsilon Beta 9-6])

Priscilla Potts was a former member of the Praetorian Police Department. However, Officer Potts refuses to use firearms or weapons of any kind, relying solely on her martial arts training. She has none of the fears her primal counterpart did in the previous timeline. She is afraid of Clowns and goes into shock when she sees a spider. However, her moral code is far more ethical than Operative Potts. She also dislikes frogs. She was once an unwavering loyalist who believed that Emperor Cole's regime was everything a world should be. However, she later learned the true motives of the Praetorian Regime and defected to Primal Earth.

  • Divergent Virtueverse #1 (Alpha Xi 2-16)

This universe is identical to her Virtueverse counterpart prior to September 1st 2009. In this universe, Priscilla is obliterated by an orbital cannon blast on her way to visit her parents.

  • Divergent Virtueverse #2 [Alpha Omicron 27-39]

Priscilla takes on the mantle of Yellow Jackie after the death of Avispon II right before her eyes. She then uses the Avispon II suit to fight against Deimos. She is an active member of a super group known as Fist of Liberty.

  • Lambda Sigma 4-39

Priscilla is a newer, but well respected movie director/casting director/script writer, known for creating the most emotionally charged yet realistic scene. Movie critics found very little that they disliked about her directing, and one cited Priscilla as her favorite director.

  • Divergent Virtueverse #3 (Alpha Sigma 5-8)

Priscilla's history remains completely unchanged from her Virtueverse counterpart.

  • P-R15 (Robot Universe [Delta Rho 7-1])

In this universe, only robots have every existed. P-215 is an ordinary comic book store clerk who is often seen reading graphic novels instead of paying any real attention to customers.

  • Priscilla Potts (80 years later...? [Omicron Epsilon 26-8])

In the year 2072, Priscilla dies of old age after spending her life as the hero Priscilla Pipewrench.

  • Phoenix Fist (Phi Delta 4-17)

Priscilla Frasier(nne Potts) is an elderly retired super heroine who once donned the monicker of Phoenix Fist. She was trained in martial arts at an early age and eventually became ranked 3rd Dan at the age of 17. In her early years, she never took any romantic interest in anyone. However, in her later years, she married Louis Frasier and the couple had a daughter named Cameron. Upon Pheonix Fist's retirement, Cameron wanted to take up the mantle. However, Priscilla and Louis refused. Cameron is currently working as a bodyguard for Lucas Travers in order to pay off her student loans from college.

  • Beta Tau 9-73

In this universe, Priscilla once worked as a secretary for a law firm in Detroit. However, during a vacation with her family to the Yukon, she was attacked by a werewolf. Fortunately, Chris was able to kill the werewolf before it could eviscerate and consume Priscilla. Unfortunately, the bite of the wolf had turned her into a werewolf. Soon, she met a fellow lycanthrope who taught her how to control the hunger and rage that took over her mind. Soon enough, she had learned to keep complete control in both forms in every case except when the moon turned red. She currently works as a travel guide for tourists of Detroit.

  • Gamma Upsilon 28-3

Priscilla is a medic for the resistance.

  • Lamda Rho 57-20

Priscilla is among the werewolves.

  • Alpha Upsilon 24-3

Priscilla is sent to an undiscovered alternate universe. More information will be present in a later update.

  • Theta Epsilon 6-16

Priscilla is a comic book artist known for a comedic comic book series called "Miss Pipe Wrench". She is often noted to have the most unorthodox character in the entire comic book industry, as Miss Pipe Wrench will often ramble about her present situation with heavy use of metaphors. Miss Pipe Wrench would do this for an entire page. Sometimes while fighting. Priscilla's series tends to get a lot of mixed reviews.

  • Nu Kappa 16-10

A world somewhat similar to Theta Epsilon 6-16, though Priscilla hasn't broken into the comic book industry yet. As a matter of fact, she's in her first year of college taking art courses. However, unlike Virtueverse Priscilla, this world's counterpart is far more talented and her grade point average is higher.

  • Eta Tau 18-7(Steam Verse)

In this universe, Priscilla is a clerk at a bookstore called "The Goode Book". She is interested in engineering, but feels that she will be no good at it because she is a woman. Lucas Travers is the store's best customer.

  • Gamma Tau 2-5

Priscilla Potts is a fictional character in a superhero soap opera called "Not without my cape", played by Evelyn Bennett. The character Priscilla shares many similarity with her primal earth counterpart. However, Evelyn is an avid sports fan and a practitioner of judo.

  • Peter Edward Potts/Pete Pipe Wrench (Gamma Mu 71-53)

Peter and his friends produce a monthly web series on youtube called "Glimpsed the Abyss". Peter and his friends would often sneak into haunted areas or places occupied by mages. Most of the time, these mages would be benevolent and they would conduct an interview with him. However, sometimes the mage being pursued would be up to no good. Fortunately, the Paragon Police Department, EMT staff, and a hero named Bionic Bill are on the scene due to the show's popularity. His stage name is Pete Pipe Wrench.

  • Peter Edward Potts/Pete Pipe Wrench (Undesignated Universe)

Pete started out as a political activist, but became an obsessed fan of Ben Barium. He was taken in as the hero's sidekick and the two had fought together. Pete Pipe Wrench is terrified of heights

  • Officer Peter Edward Potts (Undesignated universe)

A loyal officer of the Praetorian Police Department, he had a reputation for going into resistance safe houses alone without weapons. He would always come out intact, leaving hostiles unconscious. At one point, he worshiped the ground Empress Cole walked on and believed her speeches without question. However, after he found out the true intentions of the regime, he decided to join the heroes of Pete Pipe Wrench's earth against the brutal oppressors he once idolized. The Officer is afraid of clowns.

  • Operative Potts(A.k.a. Codename: Redback) (Undesignated universe)

Little is known about this soldier. However, he is speculated to be the perpetrator of a string of recent political assassinations.


Early life

Priscilla Potts was born and raised in the Rogue Isles to Leon Potts, a Cage Consortium guard with dreams of becoming an author, and Marie Potts, a housewife. During her early life, she would often watch Arachnos troops patrol Port Oakes. Some of them would overwhelm a villain, but most would end up being defeated or even killed. The memories of slain Arachnos Soldiers and Widows would cause her to lose sleep at first, but she became desensitized to their brutal slaughter over time.

Priscilla had very few friends in her childhood as she didn't really get along with too many her age.

As Priscilla grew older, she grew more violent and hateful towards most people around her. Any villain who tried to kidnap her was open to her for a rude awakening. And these encounters were often fatal. At one point, Arachnos tried to recruit her into their ranks with offers of power and influence. She immediately refused.

The Rikti Invasion of 2002 and after

While the Rikti were invading Paragon City and the Rogue Isles, Priscilla saw villains and heroes working together to fight against a new threat. As she watched heroes and villains alike fall one by one, she began to fear that the invasion would be the end of humanity. The infamous villain Burnsider Bill tried to murder her father using his pyrokinesis and abduct her mother. Her parents were begging for their lives as she watched the villain push his weight around.

Every thing that was happening that year ran through her mind all at once. The Rikti were trying to invade the planet. Heroes and Villains were dying against this new threat as they worked together. The soldiers she once saw patrol her area were now being slaughtered by the masses. And Burnside Bill was trying to harm the very few people Priscilla ever cared about. The rage bubbled inside of her as she watched her parents cower in fear. Instead of being afraid, she felt an all consuming rage. Everything went completely black.

When she regained consciousness, she was standing with a pipe wrench in her hand. What was once Burnside Bill appeared to be a bloody mess with nothing recognizable as a head attached to the neck. Everyone around her was terrified of her for what had happened. It was then that she could never go back to any semblance of who she was.

After the Rikti War, her mother started falling ill. The doctors soon revealed that she developed a form of neurological atrophy caused an unknown condition. Priscilla tried everything she could to help pay for her mother's medical expenses.

Into the Spider's Parlor

Blood and Tears