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Burēdo no chimei teki na josei
· Natural Scrapper ·
Player: Archiviste
Real Name
Hana Yamada
October 3rd, 1997
Paragon City, RI
U.S. Citizen with no criminal record
Licenced meta-human
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Kento Yamada (father, deceased), Miri Yamada (step-mother, deceased), Miyako Yamada (sister)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
23 years old
4' 11'
145 lbs
Light golden-brown
· Distinguishing Features ·
Wears glasses to correct her nearsightedness; corrective lenses are incorporated into her costume's eyewear.
Powers & Abilities
Super Reflexes
Power Pools
· Equipment ·
Katana (family heirloom)
· Other Abilities ·
Infiltration, investigation
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Head of security for the Pandora Project

Character Information

  "... short, Japanese, slightly intense, carries a big sword..."  


Kento Yamada, the Golden Samurai

Hana Yamada is the daughter of Kento Yamada, the late costumed hero known as the Golden Samurai, and of an unknown woman with whom Kento had an affair shortly after his marriage; he was left with the infant while the mother disappeared. When Hana was 3 years old, Kento's wife left him as well, taking only her youngest daughter Miyako with her. She could no longer bear the dishonor of her husband's infidelity and hated Hana for being her father's favorite instead of his own biological daughter.

Kento Yamada was left alone to raise a child, something for which he was woefully under-qualified. He took to drinking following his wife's departure, and eventually lost his FBSA license to operate as a licensed Hero. Hana grew up feeling responsible for the break-up of her family, especially after over-hearing her father's drunken ramblings about the woman from his past.

Kento tried his best to raise Hana in the traditions he had himself be raised in. He instructed her within the strict rules of the Bushido - frugality, loyalty, martial arts mastery, and honor unto death. Hana trained hard to gain her father's approval, and by the time she was twelve, she had become highly proficient with the katana.

In 2011, Kento Yamada took the position of head of security for the Pandora Project - one of Paragon City's technological "think tank" - with Hana, now 14, working at his side. On November 30th, 2012, the Project's headquarters was attacked by what appeared to be 5th Column troopers. Most of the employees and patients of the Project would have been killed if not for the valiant efforts of Kento Yamada and his daughter who managed to repel this attack.

When Kento Yamada died of a stroke in 2016, Hana succeeded him as Head of Security for the Pandora Project.


Hana was raised by her father to be extremely polite, soft-spoken, and respectful of authority. This softer side can turn to steely determination when it comes to her convictions. She is loyal to a fault and will disregard her own personal safety when protecting someone who has earned her loyalty. She can be bull-headed and deceptive if she believes it would serve the greater good.

She is half-Japanese by her father (her mother's side ancestry is unknown). She speaks fluent English, but often uses Japanese expressions when addressing others; for example, she will add "-san" after someone's name, or "-sama" as a sign of greater respect.

Abilities & Training

Hana can be a formidable opponent when using her katana and other similar blades. She also received training from her father in other forms of martial arts, as well as in the art of stealth and misdirection.

She has near perfect photographic memory and used the Project's resources, as well as those of the Victoria Landsfeld Foundation, to keep extensive files on Paragon City's metahuman community.

She has her private pilot certification for "airplane, multi-engine, land" (AMEL).


Her weapon of choice is her katana, which belonged to her father and his father before him, and has been in her family for 8 generations. When not in uniform, she often carries a concealed VK-99 Event Horizon energy blade.

In the field, she usually wears a matte black form-fitting jumpsuit made of Kevlar-reinforced spandex with ceramic inserts at the forearms and shins, which allows moderate protection against ballistic projectiles and bladed weapons. She doesn't wear a mask but wears protective eyewear that is adjusted to her vision and provides Heads-Up-Display readouts to her FennecTech smartphone (in a reinforced case on her belt).

Additional Information

She is near-sighted and needs to wear either prescription glasses or contact lenses.

Some call her "Nono" as a diminutive of her callsign ("Nonohana"). She'd rather prefer that they use her given name, "Hana".