Knight Warden

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Knight Warden
Player: @ArticulateT
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 50(+3)
Server: Everlasting
Personal Data
Real Name: Morgan Denvers
Known Aliases: No known aliases beyond the chosen hero title
Species: Human
Age: 16
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 147 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student/Part-time retail
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: King's Row
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Sarah Denvers (mother), Andrew Denvers (Father)
Known Powers
High levels of Super Strength, Durability and Endurance, flight, heightened senses, control of a cosmic energy that manifests as a white flame.
Known Abilities
Posses an armour that acts as his costume.
Morgan's identity is a secret, those who can sense magic would sense it from him, but it's unlike anything seen before.

Knight Warden is a super hero operating in Paragon City, operating in largely low-risk areas of the city, primarily Atlas Park and King's Row with constant contact with the FBSA until such time as a suitable training program be implemented for him.

FBSA Report

The following is information compiled by the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs in regards to the metahuman code named 'Knight Warden', authored by Agent Calhoun

I would like to begin this cover report for the 'Knight Warden' as he calls himself by saying that I have certain strong opinions on the nature of this hero's license agreement. These opinions will be fully documented and uncensored, so for those reading it I hope for your sake that you find my opinions worthwhile, and that we can all learn from this little experience to the point where no one gets hurt, or traumatised or worse.

I am not a fan of sending kids out into the field, and I HIGHLY resent being designated as this hero's personal handler because we lack a robust system for young metas. My time is being wasted agonising over whether this boy, this *[REDACTED] year old boy* will see the other side of a patrol. Given the recent fumble regarding the Mediporters and the Praetorian war, we can't rely on such a thing to save this kid's life in the event something goes south. Before I get some snotty emails in my tray saying "the kid wanted to help" and "he's only in King's Row and Atlas, what's the worst that could happen?" I should also remind you it's been a very short time since we thought Statesman was unkillable.

Let it be documented that I have the right from this point to say 'I told you so' before a long, loud lecture about minors putting on the cape and not being appropriately prepared for certain inevitable outcomes, especially given the level of tasks I have been asked to send this one on.

With that out of the way, I shall continue on with the brief report on the Knight Warden's Capabilities, and what we plan to do with him.

It appears Knight Warden possess the standard Paragon or 'Flying Brick' power set. Through various strength tests, we noted that he seemed unphased at some of the top end areas of our tests, and much the same occurred with speed and durability. This, combined with a command of an other worldly, cosmic white fire, flight and ability to summon a set of armour around him had designated his potential output of power at security level 50. We've allocated his Archetype as it stands as Brute, and noted his powers as having a magical origin, referring all further research on them to MAGI. Azuria and the other experts at MAGI have yet to get back to us on any clearer details on what, if anything his specific source of power is.

While his abilities sit among other heroes at security level 50, his command of those powers do not. As noted many times before, he is a [REDACTED] year old kid and prior to his designated patrol regime provided by myself and the FBSA he has had no combat experience, no working knowledge of the law and no exposure to the type of work being a hero entails. During durability tests, despite his demonstrable invulnerability he was scared of the equipment and needed to be calmed before attempting. Our first field test when breaking up a mugging was met with undue trauma, and despite the Knight Warden being physically unharmed, the experience of being shot with an automatic weapon left him incapable of performing hero work or much of anything for a few days. His family were aware of this, as per FBSA policy but were understandably upset about the outcome. In spite of this setback, Knight Warden had continued to volunteer his time and effort to helping the city.

With a few exceptions, the current regime we have implemented is for Knight Warden to patrol the lower risk areas of the city, being Atlas Park and King's Row and to disrupt petty crimes and accidents such as fires, vehicle collisions and clearing of debris. We have extensively advised Knight Warden that should anything significant occur, that he use his provided emergency signal button attached to the communicator and let more experienced heroes handle it. Knight Warden is only cleared to engage if he is unable to flee or if we are really, truly desperate, and considering the population of heroes in Paragon I have a distinct feeling that should that time come, Knight Warden may not be enough anyway.

The exceptions mentioned above are for temporary 'sidekick' duty with mature, experienced heroes of various groups and organisations. What I take umbrage with is that this 'work experience' has lead to some truly dangerous areas. What in the [REDACTED] hell do you people think you're doing permitting an excursion to [REDACTED] Astoria? That place is a mine field for the city's demigods! I don't care if it was an effort to see how strong he was, Agent [REDACTED], I'll have your head for this. 'Let's send the kid to a hellscape, what could go wrong?'. I've already filed my complaint with the higher ups, I am expecting to see you clear out your desk by next week. Sending a kid into a war zone, what the hell is wrong with you? I read the report, you're lucky he had backup. He hasn't spoken to me about it, and I can tell something's up.

Heroes and PPD who have reported working with Knight Warden seem to have a positive outlook at least. Hopefully this continues.

In the mean time, I will be working to enlist Knight Warden with more dedicated groups who have already provided a policy for young metahumans, where they will hopefully have the skills and resources to accommodate for someone such as him.

All FBSA personal documents have been cleared of any private data which is only accessible by higher ranking agents and those who need to know, as part of an effort to keep the identity of Knight Warden safe.

--Agent Calhoun

Personal History

Up until the age of 15, Morgan's life was fairly mundane. His parents were Irish American imigrants, his father having gained an opportunity in Paragon City shortly before the boy was born. The family was moved to a small section of suburb near Founder's Falls. Morgan grew up never truly experiencing any culture shock from his environment, and despite a lack of friends, was unphased throughout his day-to-day life. Even by the standards of someone living in the superhero capital of the world, almost, he had only very rarely been in close proximity to the supernatural and astounding. He did passably at school, feeling that perhaps he needed to do something important to live up to his parents, his father being a local fire chief and his mother a prolific author. His best achievement? Being a part time worker at a local museum.

Museums in cities filled with superhumans are rarely left unscathed, sadly. While helping change over the exhibits for a new acquisition, a magically inclined supervillain known as the Antiquarian arrived at the museum to take the new exhibit for himself. Morgan fled into the store room to hide, and while there, was seemingly contacted by the spirit that dwelt inside a a crystalline artefact, which was to be the new exhibit for the museum. The spirit introduced itself as the Herald, a 'spirit' representing an extradimensional force, one that the spirit did not name. Desperate, Morgan asked if the spirit could help.

It responded by passing all of its power to Morgan, the spirit itself finally able to rest and the artefact crumbling to dust. Now adorned with the great powers of the Knight Warden, Morgan made a clumsy escape, holding off the Antiquarian and his two golems before more experienced heroes arrived and allowed the teen to flee.

Attempting to keep these new powers a secret, Morgan finds himself dabbling with the idea of joining the ranks of the city's many costumed protectors, all while maintaining a low profile. However, due to the nature of Superhero Registration (and the fines associated when not partaking in it), Morgan bit the bullet and confided in a local FBSA rep with his parents present. It was agreed that from that point, Morgan would be given a provisional license and strict tasks until a suitable training program could be found and discussed.

Henceforth, Morgan would help protect the city, in his own small way as the Knight Warden.

Current Activities

Knight Warden currently patrols King's Row, and since promoted to Steel Canyon while awaiting further instructions from Agent Calhoun. Any activity with more veteran heroes would be discussed and sent out by Agent Calhoun or by another representative from the FBSA (such as Agent Wickwood shortly before his firing for sending Knight Warden to Dark Astoria as part of a test to see how strong he could be.)

Knight Warden has worked alongside the PPD and Longbow, as well as members of the [Homecoming Heroes], albeit very briefly in each capacity. Azuria and other members of MAGI are aware that Knight Warden's abilities are magical and spun from an extradimensional force, but the exact details of it are hard to place. Whatever this magic force is, it is currently a mystery. There's a theory that it might be a Well of some kind, but despite the power it's granted to Knight Warden, it doesn't seem to exhibit similar behaviours.

Powers and Abilities

Morgan is otherwise an unassuming young man of 15, with average knowledge and skills acquired from hobbies such as a passive interest in music and model making. He might be fairly intelligent, but not to the point of achieving high grades. He is, for all intents and purposes, a B Average student.

With much time alone and being a self-imposed outsider, however, Morgan might seem a little more world weary than one might think. Quite wise and empathetic, if caught at the right moment, he can be quite insightful, and will offer some friendly advice if he feels it necessary.

Morgan certainly lacks some courage. While he'll do his best, he won't willing do anything he isn't 100% sure that he can do, which puts a hindrance on his capabilities as a hero, and might be the drawback that continues to prevent him from being social. Lacking confidence in himself and his abilities, Morgan is usually one to stick to the safe route.

'The Aegis' is the name Morgan had been given for the source of his powers, given an aegis-like marking that now seems permanently attached to his back like a tattoo. The Aegis provides him with the following abilities:

Super Strength: Morgan has immensely improved strength, capable of lifting countless amounts of weight. This strength also supplements his attacks, though there are times when this strength is difficult to control, something that had created much frustration in the past, hence the model making hobby which he uses to practice his control.

Invulnerability: The young man's physical structure is incredibly durable. Having not seen proper combat, it's difficult to say exactly how tough he is, though from the occasional outing into superheroics, it had become apparent that he is durable enough to be unharmed by conventional weapons. This invulnerability has also granted nigh endless endurance, regeneration and various immunities, and one concern Morgan seems to have is whether it means he'll be stuck as a 15 year old for the rest of his life. Seemingly as part of his various immunities, Morgan lacks the need of sleep, food or air, almost as if his body is kept in a state of stasis, lending credence to his fear of eternal youth.

Flight: Without wings or propulsion, Morgan can fly at high speeds, and having grown accustomed to its use, typically puts on the costume so that he can commute this way. While still unsure on the whole super powers thing, Morgan finds the ability to fly to be his favourite.

Heightened Senses: Morgan seems to have the ability to see and hear things at frequencies and ranges the normal human being cannot. While incapable of X-Ray or Infrared, he can see things clearly from quite a distance away, as well as hear things from great distances regardless of volume and of lower and higher pitches that lie outside the human norm. On top of that, he can read and process information at a much higher rate, though his ability to act on this information is limited to certain reaction times and combat prowess. In short, he can read a book in a matter of moments, but using such a thing in combat is not within his ability, at least not yet. Morgan seems to have the most trouble with his senses, and while he's able for the most part to manage his sight normally, he isn't able to fully control his hearing, thus he hears essentially everything all at once, a fact that has on many occasions left him troubled.

'Fire of the Aegis': Still unsure as to how it might work, Morgan has discovered he has control over a strange energy that manifests as a blue-ish white flame. This energy seems difficult to control, with Morgan thus far using it only as a form of ranged, concussive blast, one that he cannot truly manifest at will.

Armour of the Aegis: Acquiring the power of the Sanction had given Morgan the ability to change into and out of a set of armour at will. The armour itself seems to be as durable as he is, not really adding anything to his durability, but instead being a manifestation of his heroic persona, seemingly designed to make him seem taller, more athletic, powerful and inspiring. Template:Character-Stub