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Joker's Wild
Founder: Mark "Chainz" Rogers
Alignment(s): Rogue/Vigilante
Motto: "Make Money"
Leader(s): Mark Rogers & Dahlia Haven
Logo: Masks
Group Colours: Red and Blue
Levels: All
Play style: '
Roleplay: Required
Timezone(s): EST
Recruiting: Always
Contact: Contact any JW staff member for information.
No additional information available.

All About the Club

Never know who will show Up

If you are ever in St Martial's, be sure to swing by Jokers Wild, Great food, drinks, full of hot hunks and babes, Jokers Wild is the premiere nightclub in the city! Friday nights are when it's really popping, and even boasts the occasional famous VIP visitor, so you might see Captain Mako swing by for a drink! We also can host birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, pool parties, event rooms and more! Speak to a manager for details!

So if you like the party life, with games, contests, and prizes, swing by and pay Jokers Wild a visit!

Jokers Wild is a Super group on the Server Everlasting, whose focus is on the nightclub/night life role play. Our main events are on Friday's starting at 6pm EST. Any sort of character is welcome, as we are largely neutral. We also run weekly Taskforces, but our main group focus is adult nightclub role playing!

Joker's Wild Website