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The Federal Investigation and Superhuman Holdings (or F.I.S.H.) division is the premiere agency that deals with metahuman, superpowered terrorist threats. Created, owned, and operated by the conservative billionaire Maxwell Thorne, F.I.S.H. maintains an autonomous relationship with the United States government, providing specialized facilities and technologies designed to detain captured metahuman criminals of significant power.

- The Aquarium -

Created and managed under the internment division of F.I.S.H. - The underwater "Maximum-Maximum Security" facility's full official name is the United States Maximum Security Installation for the Incarceration of Superhuman Criminals. The complex contains over one thousand high-tech, specially designed and maintained cells that inhibit the abilities of metahuman detainees and hyper-electronic use for the internment of Maximum Security inmates at the Aquarium facility, which the guards have dubbed "Fish Bowls".

- Inmates of Significant Repute -