Schwesternschaft nordamerikanischer Piratenengel

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Schwesternschaft nordamerikanischer Piratenengel
Founder: Angel Tina
Alignment(s): Heroes
Motto: Do good and have a good time!
Leader(s): Angel Tina
Logo: Emblem Badge 01.png
Group Colours: Blue & deep rose pink
Levels: mostly lowbies
Play style: casual
Roleplay: OOC only
Timezone(s): UTC+1/UTC+2
Recruiting: No
Contact: @Corlagon

The Pirate Angel Sisterhood of North America, formally Schwesternschaft nordamerikanischer Piratenengel, is a single-player Hero/Vigilante Supergroup on Reunion.

Group History

The destruction and re-formation of the multiverse resulted in the demise of various Supergroups, including Generic Supergroup 101 and The Power Corps.

Eventually, Angel Tina, formerly a Commander in GSG 101, decided she wanted a new proper circle of companions, and founded a formal hero group of her own. Being of German ancestry and in one of her sillier moods, she named it "Schwesternschaft nordamerikanischer Piratenengel".

She subsequently invited a few old comrades she had remained in touch with, with Claudia Hopeshot in turn arranging for Azure Huntress, most recently of the Power Corps, to become de-facto co-leader. Having previously led a small group called the Section of Heroes until its massacre during the first Rikti War and being generally dedicated to heroism, Azure Huntress has come to take care of various tasks and formalities that Tina (who, while a gifted leader in her own right, has always been rather carefree) doesn't want to be bothered with.

When Tina's old rival Undead Lizzie learned about the Pirate Angels, she formed the Syndicate of Nitrovampires 2100 in response.


The group would arguably attract more members if not for its silly name; however, its leaders aren't actually interested in having to supervise a large roster. Rather than actively recruiting, the Pirate Angels have mostly just invited their existing friends.

Lower ranks have been designated "Master of Planks", "Lieutenant" and "Parrot Cherub", but aren't actually in use.