Lady Day

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Lady Day leaving precinct.
Lady Day
Player: @Spider Jesus Deluxe
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 30
Server: Everlasting
Personal Data
Real Name: Antonia Day
Known Aliases: Antonia Nasiri
Species: Dhampir
Age: 58 years old
Height: 5 feet 1 inch
Weight: 108 lbs
Eye Color: Light grey
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Unknown
Place of Birth: Damascus, Syria
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Married(?)
Known Relatives: Lucky Day, husband
Known Powers
Vampiric powers. Alas, she isn't necessarily willing to use her powers to full potential.
Known Abilities
Vampiric abilities.
Virtually none at the moment.
A dhampir lost in time and space.

A dhampir lost in time and place

10th September 2020, 1400 Hours, Paragon City, Kings Row police precinct:

A detained Skull was questioned in an interrogation room by two detectives, when the detectives realized there was a fourth person in the room. She was a pale lady wearing a black suit, sitting in a chair next to a wall, handcuffed and just as perplexed as the two detectives. The detectives separated the mysteriously appeared lady from the Skull, took her to another interrogation room and started to question her. Alas, she had no idea how she had appeared in the interrogation room, neither of where she was and for a while, she didn't even know who she was.


There was no arrest record of her, no-one knew who brought her in and why. When the detectives searched her pockets, they found her ID, her wallet, her home keys to an apartment in Founders' Falls, and her hero licence. She apparently was a superhero called Lady Day, alias Antonia Day, formerly known as Antonia Nasiri by her maiden name. She recalled very little of...anything. She had vague memories of her living in Founders' Falls, helping refugees of the Galaxy City destruction and then trying to prevent yet another catastrophe from happening. When asked what year it was, she answered: 2012. When asked what was the name of her husband, she answered: Lucky. After a few phone calls, the detectives could not confirm any of the clues they had found. There weren't any records of Antonia Day by her ID number. Her hero licence, albeit real by check markers, didn't match any hero licence in FBSA database. Her husband, of whom she remembered only little, was not found either: there was no-one called Lucky Day or Lord Day in Paragon City who remembered her as their wife. The detectives called in Arcane Division from Kings Row headquarters, when they suspected the detainee of being magical by nature.

10th September 2020, 1643 Hours, Paragon City, Kings Row police precinct:

After a thorough interview, and voluntary mind-scan, the detectives of the Arcane Division came to a conclusion she was no danger to herself or anyone else, and there was no evidence she had intruded into the police station with malice aforethought. Rather it seemed like a case of reality shift or more likely: time travel. She had lost eight years of her concept of time, and had an impression the current year was 2012. She was found to be a dhampir, to her own surprise. She was let go of the police station, from where she was walked directly to Atlas Park to meet Azuria and Gregor Richardson, who she started to slowly recognize when seeing them in person. However, they did not remember seeing her before.

A fresh new start

Antonia was finally let go on her own after the meeting in Atlas Park City hall. From there, her future was blank. Even more blank than her past. With keys to her Founders' Falls home, that does not exist in this reality. And with a credit card that doesn't have an account in this reality, she really has to start from the beginning. Her memory started to slowly return, and she could remember some people from her past. But alas, like Azuria and Gregor, will they remember her?